04-Spiritual Books

Saint Athanasius the Apostolic

1-  On the Incarnation

2-  Life of St. Anthony

Saint Augustine

1- Confessions of St. Augustine

H.H. Pope Shenouda III

1-  Jonah the Prophet

2-  Words of Spiritual Benefit

3-  Comparative Theology

4-  Calmness

5-  Words of Spiritual Benefit

6-  Thine is the Power & the Glory

7-  The Two Saints, Peter & Paul

8-  The transfiguration

9-  The Spirituality of Fasting

10-  The Spiritual Ministry

11-  The Priesthood

12-  The Seven Words of Our Lord on the Cross

13-  The nature of Christ

14-  The Life of Thanksgiving

15-  The Life of Repentance & Purity

16-  The holy virgin St. Mary

17-  The Heresy of Jehovah’s Witnesses

18-  The feast of the Cross

19-  The feast of the annunciation

20-  The Epiphany & St. John the Baptist

21-  The Beholder of God, St. Mark the Evangelish, Saint and Martyr

22-  The Angels

23-  Ten Concepts

24-  Tears in spiritual life

25-  Diabolic Wars

26-  Quizzes on the Holy Bible

27-  Lord, How. Contemplations on Psalm 3

28-  Return to God

29-  Life of Faith

30-  How to relate to children

31-  Homosexuality & Ordination of Women

32-  Holy Zeal

33-  Experiences in Life

34-  Discipleship

35-  Divinity of Christ

Bishop Mousa

1-  Milestones of the Kingdom

2-  Born Crucified

Fr. Tadrous Yacoub Malaty

1-  Tradition and Orthodoxy

2-  The Fiery Spirit

3-  The Church House of God

4-  Saint Mary in the Orthodox Concept

5-  Introduction to the Coptic Church

6-  The Book of Genesis

7-  Egypt and the History of Our Salvation

8-  Dictionary of Church Terms

9-  Coptic Calendar and Church of Alexandria

10-  Anba Abram

11-  An Introduction to the Book of Revelation

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